In 2019, Charles is concentrating on his new Los Angeles band called, "Charles Locke & Loaded" which consists of: Charles Locke (Govatsos), guitar, vocals - CJ Shige Fukuyama, guitar, vocals, Duane Waider, drums, vocals, and Bob Byrnes, bass - Their goal is to pump out one original song after another, and to make people dance in as many clubs as possible in the Los Angeles area. They will also be recording a 10 song CD of original songs in 2019. 

Charles Locke began playing piano at the age of 12, the guitar at 14, and before graduating high school in Boston, he had already written over 300 songs. And now, more than 4000 original songs later, he is still writing everyday as effortlessly as breathing. - He has also written 5 books and for the last 11 years he has been writing celebrity stories every month for a magazine sold in New England called "The South Shore Puzzle Journal." - He started writing for a new, international, magazine in April, 2016, which is all about music and it's called "Balz Magazine." And his first book, a Sci-Fi novel based on quantum physics is called "Quark County Bounty Hunter," and is available on Amazon. Here'e the link... 

He has played guitar and sang with Jesse Ed Davis (who played on some of John Lennon’s solo albums), Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Gene Clark from the Byrds, Spencer Davis, Buddy Miles; he sang “We are the World” on the stage with Michael Jackson live on TV at the Grammy’s and he has worked with everyone from Brittany Spears, Maria Carey and Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. 

Besides being a musician, Charles Locke worked with the production of concerts from 5000 seat venues to 60 thousand seat stadiums, as well as being a touring stage manager. - He moved from Boston to Los Angeles, California in 2009. - His full name is Charles Locke Govatsos, and he uses Charles Locke for his stage name. - He worked for promoters in Boston from 1993 to 2008: Live Nation, Clear Channel, Don Law, AEG and many more. - He has worked at the Boston Garden, The Comcast Center, The Orpheum Theater, The Wang Center, The Worcester Centrum, Bank of America Pavilion, and 100s of other venues. - His last job in Boston was working with Neil Diamond at Fenway Park for AEG in 2008.  

Charles toured Japan twice; in 2008 and again in 2014. - His Japanese promoter supplied him with an all Japanese backup band and they played three cover tunes during his mostly all original, hour and a half long concerts.

A quote from Martin Olson (Disney creator, bestselling author and screenplay writer )  
"Charles Locke is one of the best and most prolific songwriters in Los Angeles. I agree with the other comments about how classic and catchy his hooks and melodies are. The most astonishing thing is how perfect his lyrical sense is. I'd recommend musicians go see his classic band perform his originals in Los Angeles, and for singers to contact Charles and cover his classic songs on their CDs."

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