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  • Artist Brenda Alexsandra was born with the natural ability for art. It began as a hobby when she was a young child, but it quickly became her life's dream. She was constantly learning from art books, as well as drawing whatever objects she could see, and she never stopped pushing herself to grow. At the age of 18, even though she was an extremely talented artist, she also worked as a fashion model for the next few years. At the age of 20 she felt a new calling and decided to go to college and she received her Bachelor's Degree in Theology. After college she began working as a Pastor in The Bethal Full Gospel Church of Indonesia. While working as a Pastor, Brenda continued with her art and never stopped developing her talent. She expanded her horizons and incorporated technology into her art, mastering Photoshop and digital painting. In 2010 Brenda resigned from the church to pursue her true calling of being a professional artist. In 2012 she started her own Art and Art Design business and hasn't looked back since. Brenda believes that art changes the way we see the world and that it stirs our deepest potential for positive change empowering our creative minds. Brenda has worked for comedians, actors, models, companies and everyday people as well; from painting custom portraits, landscapes, wild life, pets or whatever her clients could imagine. She also specializes in designing logos, illustrations, DVD art, CD art, book art, fliers, posters and business cards. She has also designed custom artwork for tattoos. Art is not just a job for Brenda, it's her lifelong passion, and there's no doubt that she is in demand and on the rise. Whatever you can imagine, Brenda can do it. 

A quote from Charles Locke author and musician, "Brenda Alexsandra was astoundingly good at bringing my imagination to life in the form of art on the front and back cover of my new sci-fi novel. I would recommend her to anyone who has an art project in mind. Or if you're simply looking for a masterpiece to decorate your wall, look no further because Brenda Alexsandra is the best... not to mention that her artwork today will become a collector's item tomorrow.

Posted January 24, 2020 • This is Brenda Alexsandra. She does the art and I do the writing for the "South Shore Puzzle Journal" (Sold in stores like 7-11 in the Boston area. Published by Bob Simon) - In this picture you’re seeing a huge oil painting of 7 comedians that takes up half a wall, almost. And Brenda painted it from her imagination, not using pictures for reference. So this tiny little pic doesn’t do it proper justice. I've been writing for this mag every month since 2007, mostly celebrity stories. And I have a ton of pics of me and some of the celebrities that I have worked with during my years with 'Live Nation' and many other promoters, so I used those pics and told my crazy, interesting stories about the celebs. But after about 9 years I ran out of pictures, so when I met Brenda online and saw her art, it was a no-brainer that we should work together because her art is nothing short of totally spectacular! And if you need a Masterpiece hanging on your wall, a CD Cover, a Book Cover, flyers, or any kind of art you can imagine, I highly recommend that you get in contact with her. Her prices are reasonable, and she is 100% honest and reliable. And please beware, she knows when people are sincere and when they're full of BS. So if you wanna chat with her because she's good looking, but under the guise of buying her art that you have no intention of buying, then do yourself a favor... don't bother. Either be straight forward, or don't waist her time because she's way to busy with her art 24-7 !!! Brenda f rocks !!! - (PS The funny thing about this pic is that she can't recieve mail in Bali, so I took a pic of the centerfold and she superimposed it over her body.) ====================================== (And for the search engines) - Charles Locke Govatsos - Charles Lock Govatsos - Charles Lock ) -- (Charles Locke - Charles Locke Govatsos - Charles Lock Govatsos - Charles Lock - Locke - Chucky Govatsos -Govatos - Gavatos - Buffalo Montana - Buffalo - Chazmo - Chazzmo) ( Charles Locke & Loaded - Charles Locke and Loaded - Charles lock & Loaded - Charles Lock 'n loaded - Locke and loaded )

February 11, 2019 - (Brenda wrote) My art and South Shore Puzzle Journal, February 2019 issue, "Robert Plant, Feature Model, Christopher Walken, David Bowie and the art of Brenda Alexsandra" - Centerfold by Charles Locke and Brenda Alexsandra. Published by Bob Simon and sold in Boston area. ............................................................................................................. AND FOR THE SEARCH ENGINES - (Charles Locke - Charles Locke Govatsos - Charles Lock Govatsos - Charles Lock - Celebrities - Locke - Chucky Govatsos - Chuckie Govatsos - Govatos - Gavatos - Buffalo Montana - Buffalo - Chazmo - Chazzmo)

ABOVE - Sept 7, 2018 - My Art and Shouth Shore Puzzle Journal Magazine. August-September 2018 issue. "Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Leslie Nielsen. Andy Kaufman, Mitch Hedberg and the art of Brenda Alexsandra" Centerfold by Charles Locke and Brenda Alexsandra. Published by Bob Simon. Sold in Boston Area.

ABOVE: April 9, 2018 - Brenda wrote - My art and Shouth Shore Puzzle Journal Magazine. April 2018 issue “ The art of Brenda Alexsandra and the untimely passing of her mother “ Centerfold by Charles Locke and Brenda Alexasandra. Published by Bob Simon Sold in Boston area

ABOVE: Jan 27, 2018 - Brenda received her copy of the South Shore Puzzle Journal. Bob Simon sent it to her in Bali from Boston. And Brenda wrote this, "My arts and South Shore Puzzle Journal Magazine. January issue, Centerfold by Charles Locke and Brenda Alexsandra. Published by Bob Simon and sold in the Boston area"

ABOVE: Brenda, out of the goodness of her heart, painted this for me and didn't ask for a single dime. The shipping cost alone, from Indonesia to the USA, was expensive, not to mention the cost of the canvas and other supplies. Well, I wasn't about to let her lose money so I sent her $400 for an $800 painting. Bless her kind heart.

ABOVE: Brenda and I write the centerfold article for the "South Shore Puzzle Journal" - Sold in stores in the Boston area and published by Bob Simon.