For my Facebook friends that came to visit. May 22, 2019

Hi folks... I hope you're having an awesome day! 

To all my Facebook friends that came to read some celebrity stories, here are a few. These are the first 12 celebrity issues that I wrote in 2007. I wasn't very good at writing at the time, but I've gotten better. And I did a quick edit for spelling today, but I probably missed a few "Yea" instead of "Yeah" ... or "OK" instead of "Okay"... etc... Also; when I started writing for the magazine, it was in all black and white (except for the cover) - But soon after my articles came out, the mag started making more money thus allowing them to go from black & white to color. (This is just in case if you were wondering why a lot of my early pics were B & W)  

You can also scroll down and see some current issues and pictures.

P.S. My main title when working for promoters was a "Runner"... hence, "Running for the Stars"

Cheers... you rock !!!


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