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Quark County Bounty Hunter
  • Quark County Bounty Hunter
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ABOUT THIS NOVELLA: Inside a single atom there exists a whole universe unto itself and it is called the atomverse. Within this bizarre quantum world one quanta is equal to one dollar and the characters you are about to meet, although they drink, mow lawns, and rob banks like normal people, they are shall we say, a bit on the quarky side. Electron is the bounty hunter. His spin kicks are so fast that his feet can be in an infinite number of places at the same time. Photon, his beautiful girlfriend, drives her pickup truck at the speed of light and can only stop by crashing into something. Together with Sheriff Gravity and his deputies, Space and Time, they’ve got to navigate a host of odd characters to catch the illusive thief Neutrino to satisfy Mr. Black Hole's demands… or perish in the total annihilation of the atomverse and everything in it. This short novella takes a different approach to science fiction. It’s cheeky, geeky and, in some places, even a bit naughty.

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